What is Life Coaching?  Maybe it would be better to call it “Life Planning”.  As part of our mantra “We make clients for Life”,  we at Imin have begun to see ourselves as a part of your personal team……your “coach” and, as your coach, we’ve developed an idea that we call life coaching.   It’s a very simple concept, no matter where you are in life’s great curve, we want to help you attain whatever your next goal might be.

Life Coaching

Maybe you’re a student and you want to know how to plan for Immigration to Canada or maybe you want to change careers but don’t know how.  We are here to be your coach.  What we’ve done is to provide you with access to Professor Daniel Won.  Daniel “coaches” each individual to help them maximize their full potential.  How do you sign up?  Just contact us and set up an appointment.  It is that simple.

There is a nominal fee of $350 but it’s a bargain to have someone of Professor Won’s reputation and caliber personally develop a road map for how to achieve your goals.

Life coaching can happen in our office or online via Skype.  Contact us now and let us help you to get your goals on the right track!

You can pay fees for school application fees and Life Coaching fees here!

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