Student Assessment Form

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3. Complete the below assessment forms.

A. Basic Information
Full Name Nationality Skype ID
Email Address Residential Address

B. School Placement
1. If you have taken an official TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT or GRE, please indicate which test you took and what the score was.
Name of the Test Overall Score
2. When are you planning to start your school program in Canada?
3. What is your academic goal in Canada?
a. Short-term English study during summer/winter vacation
b. Study and work/ internship in Canada for 6 to 12 months
c. College/ university program (undergraduate) or credit transfer for a Canadian degree
d. English study + college/ university degree program (undergraduate)
e. MBA
f. Other master degree program or Ph. D
4. Financial Planning Questions
a. My parents will be supporting my tuition.
b. I have my own savings.
c. I need a loan from a bank.
d. I need some financial aid.
e. I need to make money while studying in Canada.
f. I want to have a branch office or set up my business in Canada.
5. What is your annual budget for your study in Canada?

C. Visa Process
1. I want to study in Canada for:

a. Less than 6 months
b. More than 6 months
2. I would like to accompany my spouse and children (if applicable) when I come to Canada.

Yes       No
3. I would like to study and work in Canada.

Yes       No
4. I have been studying / working full-time since (MM/YYYY).
5. Who is going to pay for your tuition to obtain a Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian school?
6. The person, who is going to support my tuition, has been employed / running a business since (MM/YYYY).