With hazy dreams and expectations about new places, people plan their immigration. However, they are also afraid as they know about the “unknown”, and feel that their new lives in Canada, that they decided and planned on, are now facing crisis. At Imin Consulting, we do our very best, from preparing documents to helping our clients settle in Canada, to ensure that our clients made the right choices. At Imin Consulting, we provide a community where people can meet and share valuable information on Canadian immigration and visa. We provide customized consultation to our clients, by carefully analyzing individual client’s cases and their eligibility criteria, so our clients can make informed decisions. As a Certified Immigration Consultant and a Professor of Immigration Law (IMCD) with experiences on thousands of cases and 99% success rate, I will be the guide throughout your journey into a new challenge until your new challenge proves to be a successful one.

Daniel Y. Won, Managing Director

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