Am I eligible to apply for Skilled Worker Visa?

My job is a cook and I'm working in Australia, and a few days ago, one friend of mine, he got a job offer, working as a chef in Canada, and suggested me to go with him, so I asked him about the restaurant like size, location, number of employees, wage, and so on.  After that, the restaurant seems not too bad actually, so now I also want to go, but there are two things I'm concerned.

First, what I want is immigrate to Canada, not making some money.  The owner said it's easy to get a Permanent Resident.  Is that true?  So I can get a Permanent Resident easily?  I'm worried a little due to demonstrating my work experience because I usedto work under the table.

Finally, if I go and work there as a cook, I will get paid $20,000/year. Is that enough?

In order to assess your eligibility, I need to know more details about your qualification, but I will try my best to answer your questions.

First, if you can demonstrate at least a year of your work experience, which you gained as a cook, you are eligible to apply for Federal Skilled Worker; however you must obtain more than 67 mark in CIC's assessment.  It is the least passmark to pass.  You can also try your assessment on CIC's website.  The below link will take you to the assessment tool directly.

In regard to your wage, it's definitely not enough.  In order to apply for a work permit, your employer must pay you certain amount wage, and cook's prevailing wage is $14, so when I calculated, you need to get paid about $30,000/year.