Federal Immigration Program

Federal Skilled Worker and Professional

Federal Skilled Worker Program is the major source of immigration to Canada. With a large landmass of rich natural resources and a small population, Canada welcomes skilled workers who meet the requirements.   Basic Eligibility To be eligible you must: Have a valid offer of arranged employment, OR Have at least one year of continuous work experience […]

Federal Skilled Trade Program

    Federal Skilled Trades program has been implemented to help ensure that Canada’s immigration system works for employers in need of skilled trade persons. This program is for people who want to become permanent residents based on being qualified in a skill trade. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will accept no more than 3,000 complete […]

Canadian Experience Class

  Introduction  The Canadian Experience Class proposed minimum requirements for graduates with Canadian work experience. Under the proposed changes, graduates of a Canadian post-secondary educational institution with Canadian work experience would need to meet the following minimum requirements: Have at least 12 months of full time (or an equal amount in part-time) of skilled, professional […]

Sponsorship Immigration


Sponsorship immigration application belongs to the family class. To immigrate to Canada under the Family Class, an individual must be sponsored by a close relative living in Canada as a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen. This is known as Family Class Sponsorship.

Entrepreneur Immigration


Entrepreneur immigration is a new immigration program that came out in 1978 to strengthen and stimulate the economic growth of Canada. The business runner will be able to get permanent residence in about a year if he or she starts the business within 2 years of arrival in Canada.

Investor Class Immigration

Investor Class

Investor class immigration was started in 1986 for candidates who are not looking for the obligation to start a business in Canada. The candidates can invest their money into Canada instead. The invested portion serves the economic development and creates employment opportunity for the local community. The investment will be returned with no interests in 5 years and will be received in 5 years and 3 months.