BC International Graduate Student


An International Graduate has satisfied the requirements for an eligible degree or diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution in BC within the last two years. Specifically, an application must be received by the BC PNP within two years of the date shown on the final official transcript.

An International Graduate must have accepted a permanent, full time job offer from a BC employer. The PNP program does not require that International Graduates have previous work experience.


  • Graduate a designated post-secondary school by BC government
  • The program of study is normally greater than 12 months of full-time equivalent study
  • Obtain at least more than 70% overall mark
  • Offered employment (Skill Levels 0, A and B)
  • If offered position is under Skill Levels C and D, employer must demonstrate that there is a structured career progression to an occupation at Skill Level 0, A or B

Required Documents

  • Checklist
  • Nominee information Form
  • Guaranteed job offer Form
  • Fee payment Form

Processing Time

The entire process would complete within from 14 to 16 monhts.

For the Express Entry BC PNP applications take approx. 4 months until finalization.


Application Processes


IG Application Processes Provincial


IG Application Processes Federal