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These are strictly my own observations but they are based on facts…

Fact #1 The Harper government actively recruited support from Immigrant populations which had previously been more aligned with the Liberals

Fact #2 A record number of new MPs were Immigrants (especially Chinese) who vigorously ran with the support of their immigrant constituents… members of the Conservative Party

Fact #3 The Harper government understands the positive impact that Immigration has had on the economy over the past several years and it also understands it’s debt to Immigrants who helped to give him a majority in Parliament because of a strong economy (when the economy was really heading “south” in the states).

Now, I might come across like the typical American who is rather naive and un-savy about politics in Canada but it seems to me that as the economy flattens a bit (as it will) Harper will be looking to boost the economy by increasing the Immigration allotment up from its current base of 250,000 (which is already the highest in the world). Immigrants bring to Canada not just an infusion of cash to be spent in Canada but they also start new businesses and supply world class scientific know how. All great things!

I may be a one of those silly Americans from the states (I’m working on that) but I think now that the elections are over we are going to see unprecedented access to Canada all designed to keep the economy pumping and Harper in office.

Viva le difference! Eh?

Tim Burks, Business Manager @ Imin Consulting

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