The Express Entry system is Canada’s primary source of skilled foreign workers. It manages the pool of candidates for Canada’s three Federal High Skilled immigration programs — the Federal Skilled Worker ClassFederal Skilled Trades Class, and Canadian Experience Class.

The first half-year of 2019 is the busiest period that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held 13 draws had been issued a total of 41,800 invitations to apply. The cut-off score range from a low of 438 to a high of 470 for draws involving all three of the Federal High Skilled categories. There was also one draw limited to Federal Skilled Trades Class candidates that had a minimum score of 332.

CIC News predicts that the second half of 2019 may be even busier with higher targets for Express Entry and provincial nominee programs.

快速移民通道2019年年中报告显示,在2019年上半年,加拿大移民局向41800名申请者发出永久居民邀请函。这也是史上半年中发出最多的邀请函。最低分数在438到470之间浮动。其中Federal Skilled Trades类别的单次分数最低为332.



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