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The short-term program provides a pathway to permanent residence for individuals who have acquired work experience in Canada since November 30, 2014, as a home childcare provider, home support worker or a combination of both.

Work experience must match the initial description and list of main duties for Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC) Group 4411 or 4412.

The pathway’s July 8 opening is its second since it was first unveiled by the Government of Canada earlier this year and it will accept applications for the next three months.


CIC新闻报道,住家护理类工作,例如家庭幼儿服务,家庭支持工作,重新接受短期工作签证申请。工作经验必须与加拿大National Occupational Classification(NOC)4411和4412的职责描述吻合。



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