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Dear Readers,

We have good news for one of our clients, Ms. HY Choi. Her Permanent Resident Visa has been issued and placed in her passport. Congratulations!

Her case was the BC PNP Skilled Workers stream and we got the PNP approval in April 2010. After that, we submitted the federal application forms to the Canadian Consulate in Buffalo, US at the end of April 2010. Due to the pending caseload at the Buffalo Office, her case file was transferred to the Visa Office in Seattle for expediting the assessment process. It was fortunate for her, because it took only 4 months to hear the approval news after her case was transferred to the Seattle Office.

We know that Ms. Choi, you have been looking forward to this PR Visa. We are very pleased your case was successful and appreciate you for your patience and trust you showed for us. Please pick up your passport and Visa quickly and enjoy a Canadian life as a Permanent Resident!

Best regards,

Imin Consulting

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