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Dear readers,

After having a productive trip to Monterrey, I am getting excited about offering our professional immigration services to the new Mexican market. In the meantime, I would like to introduce new case approval during my absence, and it is my great pleasure to share my clients’ new case approvals on my blog.

First of all, Rosy, congratulations on your work permit approval at the port of entry. I know it was not easy but we got the approval! Now, please enjoy Vancouver as a resident, you are no longer a visitor in Canada.

My favorite neighbor, Naoko, congratulation on your PR approval! (I got your immigration visa stamped passport on my desk, so I will see you today at 11 am.) Now, you can land as a permanent resident. I know you had to go through very difficult procedures, but finally I proved that my advise was the correct path to follow. Remember, your work permit expired as of yesterday, so you’d better change your illegal status to a permanent resident status immediately.

As for Labor Market Opinion approvals, LMO applications for Ms. Yang and Ms. Choi were approved this morning. I know both of you are currently under the “Implied Status”, but your work permit will be approved very soon since we got the LMO confirmations. I had to deal with Service Canada officer during my stay in Monterrey, so those approvals are very special to me since I remotely managed those cases.

My golf teacher, JW, your “Spouse Sponsorship” has been finally approved. Before I left for Monterrey, I notified you that we got the initial approval, so you could apply for an open work permit while waiting for the PR visa, but after I return, now I have the final approval for you, so you do not need to apply the open work permit since you will get a PR visa on your stamp shortly.

Ms. SJ Kim and Mr. HI Kim, thank you for your updates on your receipt of your immigration visa stamped passports from the Seattle Visa Office. Ms. Soo, you had to go through a longer processing time than other clients, but I appreciate your patient and your continuous referrals.

Lastly, all my pending clients, your flowers will be blooming soon, so please let me know if you have any questions….

Daniel Won, Columnist
Immigration Practitioner
Professor of Immigration Law

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