A Work Permit is a legal document that would allow a potential foreign worker to work in Canada, for an allotted period of time. A foreign worker may share similar rights as a Canadian worker but also have the responsibility to contribute applicable taxes.

For most applicants, the Work Permit should be issued based on a positive labour market opinion (LMO) from HRSDC (Human Resources and Social Department of Canada). A labour market opinion application should be submitted by the employer to state the urgent need of foreign workers when Canadian and permanent resident workers cannot be found for the position. The Work Permit application is submitted by the potential foreign worker after the potential employer has received a positive response for the LMO application.


  1. You must show evidence that you will leave Canada after your work term.
  2. You must show that you have enough money to support you and your family members in Canada.

Required Documents

  1. Application Form (IMM 1295) – Download
  2. Document Checklist (IMM 5488) – Download
  3. Representative Form (IMM 5476) – (If you retained a legal representative)
  4. Passports and 2 photos of you and any accompanying family members
  5. Proof of arranged employment in Canada
  6. Proof of a positive LMO
  7. Proof of past experience

Processing Time

Processing time varies across regions.
For detailed information please visit the CIC Web Page.


Application Processes


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