Here at Imin Consulting, we have been so delighted to be in touch with many incredible young students from Mexico and have had the pleasure of hearing them share with us a bit about their future vision, goals, and dreams.


What about our goals and vision here at Imin Consulting?                                                    

What we try to achieve in reality is a way to help these students follow their educational and living goals; we call this “Life Coaching”.  In other words, we find out about their current living and educational situations and finding them the right schools and programs, we guide them towards their suitable desired carrier paths.

Many of you might be curious to know why nowadays, everyone preaches about working, studying, and immigrating to Canada.  Here, we will share some general facts about Canada that may open everyone’s eyes and let them see a world of opportunities, the true advantages and benefits of choosing Canada as their next living destination.

So you may know that Canada is the second largest country in the world, spanning six time zones.  Can you imagine the greatness and magnitude of Canada? Extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and penetrating deep into the Arctic, Canada is an explorer’s paradise. The Niagara Falls are magnificent, as are the Great Lakes, whilst Banff and Jasper National Parks offer exquisite scenery of glaciers, peaks and fluorescent blue lakes.

Good news for those of you who are current or prospect students is that in Canada, education is seen as the best path to earning a decent living and to improve personal progress and happiness. Surely you already know, people who are educated not only make healthier life choices but also contribute inexplicably to business innovation, efficiency, productivity, and national economic presentation.

If you want to know how Canadian education is evaluated, then you should know that Canada’s best performance is in the Education and Skills report card. Canada earns an “A” grade and ranks 2nd behind Finland.

When compared with other more crowded and geographically close peers, Canada is an incomparable performer. It even outperforms its largest trading partner, the U.S., by a sizable margin.

Many students are not aware of the fact that Canadian institutions are divided to community colleges, which primarily serve as launch pads for transfer to university levels and at the same time are more engaged with vocational oriented programs, University colleges and Universities.


Here are a few key advantages of studying in Canada:

Globally recognized quality Education: The degree, diploma or certificate awarded by a Canadian educational institute is recognized worldwide as being equivalent to those from the United States and Commonwealth Countries.  Luckily, Canadian Universities are increasingly becoming renowned for excellence and advances in teaching, research, especially in areas like Information Technology, Business, Health Sciences, Law, Agriculture and Ocean studies. Again, we are proud to say that our students consistently rank among the best in world on international tests of reading, science and mathematics which is a proof of the excellent quality of Canadian education system.


One of the Best Places in the World to live:  Canada is seen as an incredibly safe place with its excellent standards of living apart from its scenic beauty and countryside and is proving to be an ideal destination with its access to education and excellent lifestyle.

The United Nations has over and over again placed Canada in one of the top three countries in the world to live based on the facts such as access to education, high life expectancy, and low crime rates. Canada is one of the most desirable country in the world to live due to some of the following key factors: Beautiful Environment, Sports and Leisure Activities, and Cosmopolitan and Innovative


Cost of education and living: The cost of education in Canada is considered to be one of the lowest as compared to other countries like USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Also for our graduates, post study employment opportunities are better and easier. When considering lower tuition fees in addition to the lower living costs in Canada, the savings are very significant for students in Canada.

We are proud to say that Canada is home to more than 175,000 international students every year, and is consistently becoming a more popular destination. Also, we are not surprised to say that more and more American students are heading to Canada after high school. The main reason for this trend is the fact that Canadian universities offer a quality education for a fraction of the cost of a college degree in the United States so education is Canada is cheaper than the United States.


Canada is a Nation of Immigrants: Canada is a bi-lingual nation and an excellent destination for many people offering a diversified environment with possibilities for others to immerse themselves in different cultures to enhance one’s options to internationalize one’s potential.

Canada has a policy of encouraging multicultural diversity and so experiencing a safe, serene, and multi-cultural environment, Students who come to Canada for education immerse themselves in different cultures to enhance their options to internationalize their potential. Offering more opportunities to international students to choose a program of study that is offered either in French or English, Canada also presents superior English and French programs for students wishing to learn either or both languages.

Work Opportunities:  Foreign students have the opportunities to work in Canada after completing their degree, diploma or certificate for a duration that will depend on length of their study program. Students also have the opportunities to work during their studies using off campus work permit.

For those of you who are interested in living in Canada, you should know that work permits give you opportunities to apply for permanent residence in Canada and become a new immigrant and Canadian citizen.  To sum it all, high standards of living in Canada comes partially from the fact that there are plenty of good jobs here; and so, if our students decide to immigrate to Canada after their studies, here at Imin Consulting, taking care of their immigration procedure is also what we do besides their initial Study permit process.

Canada is full of great employment opportunities.  By working in Canada, you can build your future, benefit yourself and your family, and also contribute to the economy.  Canada has a growing labor market and specialists in many fields, professionals and trade people that are desperately needed by Canadian employers.

Working conditions have higher standards and salaries often exceed other countries.  The greatest thing about all of this is that while working, you have access to health care.  If you are married, your spouse may work while on a valid work permit and your children may study for free in the primary and secondary schools in Canada.

Canada is an ethnic mosaic and you can meet people from diverse backgrounds and learn about their cultures.  All races and religions are highly respected by Canadian employers.


Weather/Climate: Temperate with four distinct seasons, Canada’s climate adds to the country’s attraction. Winter grips the whole country, with the ski season enabling enthusiasts to take to the slopes from December through to April. Expect snow all year round. Flowers blossom in spring, while the summer can be very warm and extend to October similar in temperature to the US. Autumn is perhaps the most picturesque, with spectacular colors, especially in the east of the country.