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Can Parents Cope with Their Children Leaving to Study Overseas?

Contrary to popular belief, when students leave for their education abroad, parents experience more stress and anxiety than their children. Students have an easier time adapting to a new environment. They can make friends and acquaintances with ease due to the size of their educational institution. On the other hand, parent’s environment does not change. It is now the same, but without a presence that they had long become accustomed to. This upheaval in the norm can lead many parents to become increasingly anxious as they cannot be around their children.

There is a multitude of reasons that cause parents to experience a heightened sense of anxiety:

Firstly, the country or educational institution in which their children are enrolling may be completely unknown to the parents. It carries an element of uncertainty with it. To combat this, we recommend visiting your kids at least once. This will assist with gaining a greater understanding of the environment in which children will be for at least the next 3 years.

Secondly, many parents worry about a lack of communication due to the time difference and their children’s workload. To keep this line of communication uninterrupted, it is prudent to set a “protected time” to call or skype regularly. This ensures that both parties know of each other’s actions and situations. Nowadays, a virtual connection can increase the peace of mind of worried parents and help maintain the family bond.

Finally, distance in today’s world is not a massive impediment. Meaning that it is important for parents to spend quality time with their children. Technology allows us to participate in activities together. Albeit virtually, you can watch a film together, do yoga together or even visit the Louvre on a virtual tour.

Even though parents experience more anxiety due to a lack of adaptive skills, these barriers are overcomeable. Especially in today’s day and age, the use of technology to unite is a great tool for long-distance communication. In these circumstances, the bond between children and parents may even improve. The mundane routine becomes absent and exclusively quality time and good memories are left.

Planning on Visiting Your Kids in the Near Future?

Imin Consulting is here for you! Our experienced team can assist you with an easy and convenient way of visiting your children in Canada. We would love nothing more but to see you reunite with your child, while they are living their best life and getting one of the world’s best educations.

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