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Hello Everyone!

Do you know what a visa is for?

In order to enter Canada, to physically step on to Canadian soil, you have to have a permission from the Canadian government unless you are a Canadian Citizen. That permission is the VISA on your passport!

Why are you coming to Canada?
Are you planning to permanently move to Canada?
Or, are you planning to temporarily stay in Canada to work, to study or to visit relatives or to travel?

Based on the above listed purpose of entry, you have to apply for a proper immigration visa or temporary resident visa.

However, every visa program has it’s own program requirements and you have to prove that you’ve met all the program requirements. For example, if you want to enter Canada to tour Niagara falls in Ontario, you must show that you have sufficient funds to spend in Canada while traveling and you must show your social ties to your home country, so the officer can be sure that you will leave Canada.

Remember, a visa is a permission to physically step into Canada, but you still have to get a permit at the port of entry into Canada!

Daniel Y. Won
Immigration Practitioner/ Columnist
Professor of Immigration Law (IRPA)

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