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Tips and Tricks for International Students

When it comes to higher education, many of us have faced the challenge of choosing the right school for ourselves. Especially since little to no one knows what they want to do career-wise in the early 20s. A good fit school can open various possibilities, guide us in the necessary direction, and help us make connections that last a lifetime. Given that many international students have to also go through cultural assimilation and immigration processes, it can become quite overwhelming for most. Imin consulting is here to support students through this process and assist with one of the most complex decisions of their lives. Let us give some essential tips and tricks that will help international students in their university careers.

Tip #1: Make sure to use university services.

Tips and Tricks: University Services

All universities and colleges provide academic assistance to students at no cost. That includes study spaces, library services, international student services, help desk, academic writing and research support. Students tend to neglect this information, thinking that it would not make much difference. Yet, it never hurts to try it out! More likely than not, it would be of aid. Also, each department usually offers free tutoring with 3rd- and 4th-year students for some of the most popular introductory classes. Don’t be shy and reach out to your faculty to learn more!

Tip #2: Organize necessary documentation ASAP. 

Tips and Tricks: Documentations in Order

As newcomers to Canada, students have to get many documents to enjoy all the perks of college life. Putting them aside is one of the worst ideas possible. Make sure to get your insurance and set up a bank account the first chance you get. Identification cards or driver’s licenses are also of significant importance. For advice on applying for any of those, people can always reach out to international student services or shoot us a message here at Imin Consulting. Our Life Coaching Program goes above and beyond in helping young adults to navigate the early stages of their life.

Tip #3: Figure out the living situation right away. 

Tips and Tricks: Moving right away

Finding a place to call a new home can be stressful—especially given everything else in those first few years of university. Students tend to put too much pressure on figuring it out right away and end up signing 12-month leases blindly. It’s better to take your time and look at a few places before agreeing to anything. Also, make sure to read the rental agreement very carefully. Fraud is not rare in student housing.

Tip #4: A part-time job is a good idea IF school work is not too intense. 

Tips and Tricks: part-time jobs

Remember that education comes first. Many students are eager to start working right away, but those 20 hours a week are not worth sacrificing your knowledge for. Try looking at the situation in the big picture and plan accordingly. Life goes on, and in the end, we all have to live with our mistakes.

Tip #5: Try to make friends, even if it seems hard at first.

Tips and Tricks: make friends!

Being lonely is one of the worst feelings, especially when a person starts their new journey. It is a bit of a cliche, but Imin Consulting strongly recommends that students put themselves out there and start building meaningful connections. Study groups, coffee breaks, and movie nights are what make the college experience feel so real, and we would hate for anyone to miss out on an opportunity like that. It’s never too late to start a conversation, and it’s never too early to become friends!

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To make it easier for students, Imin Consulting can handle a fair share of immigration worries. Our experienced team processes each case with precision and an individual approach to ensure everyone’s success with the immigration-related journey. Please, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have!

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