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Summer schools have always been an excellent opportunity for students to gain new experiences, make connections, and gain a further direction in their academics by sampling various courses. Attending an educational institution and meeting the teachers in an environment just like in a school year can be crucial in determining further educational choice. It gives students a sense of security and peace of mind. With the coming of Covid-19, however, almost all institutions have closed their campuses to private tours and moved their teaching online.

So, is it still worth spending your summer attending these courses?

Students at a summer school prior to Covid-19

Almost unequivocally, the answer is yes.

Summer schools and courses during Covid-19 have an undeniable advantage of flexibility and time. Academic pressure prevalent during the school year with various deadlines and projects is noticeably absent during the summer. This allows students to concentrate on a course of their choice.

Similarly, the wide choice of courses ensures that students are not mired in a curriculum with boring elements. They have the power to further explore their interests in a way that will both benefit their university application and push them onto a suitable career path.

Furthermore, the potential to raise your grades in the coming academic year is beneficial to students. With information from the course imparted in an environment with no binding commitments and expectations, they learn better. They can both advance their cohort in their subject and catch up with the missed material.


The move to online learning has potentially reduced the efficacy of teaching methods, such as class debates and Harkness learning. This condensed the teaching period from a generally tedious full day to an intense duration of 2-3 hours. The shorter time means students can focus more efficiently and have enough energy and motivation to strengthen learned material after class.

Although summer courses and schools during Covid-19 have moved online, they are still a worthwhile investment. Universities will appreciate their dedication to learning. It shows a proactive and highly independent student. Likewise, the opportunity to interact with teaching staff and the chance to understand how your subject is taught at a higher education level is instrumental for students to make the correct decisions for their future.

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