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#1500-701 W. Georgia Street,Vancouver, BC

Saturday Night Daniel Won and I had dinner with one of our clients, Grace Alvarez. Grace successfully immigrated to Canada from the United States in July of 2010. She is a ” speech therapist” who quickly found a position in Vancouver. She has been amazed at how much easier it has been to get support support from MSP for her clients. She says that when living in the U.S. she received limited support in her efforts to help her clients (mostly autistic children). Another big plus for the Canadian system of Health Care!

We had dinner at Bibo on 4th Avenue in Kitsilano (near Burrard). If you have spent time in Italy and love Italian food, especially Neopolitan Pizza then you need to visit Bibo. From the moment you enter Bibo, you have literally stepped onto Italian soil. You are greeted by one of the two Italian owners. The decor is straight out of Italy. Very modern and stylized. There are several large TV screens scattered around the room that are always playing Italian movies (Saturday night it the Good, the Bad and the Ugly…in Italian).

The real star of the show though is the food. We started with a Tricolore salad. They pretty much fly everything in from Italy to maintain the authenticity of flavor. No tasteless tomatoes here…they bring in tomatoes from Italy! The cheese is advertised as Burrata but the two times I’ve been there they have been out of the Burrata and subbed Buffala. I wasn’t disappointed. The mozarella (also flown in) was the freshest Mozzarella I had ever eaten in North America. It was exactly like the Mozarella I’ve had any number of times in Italy…not like the ball of tasteless white rubber you are generally served in Vancouver. And of course, the Pizze, the real star is done in the true Neopolitan fashion (the real home of Pizza). The flour is imported from Italy as is the delightful and personable Pizza guy who is a true Neopolitan Master Pizza Maker who was serving savy Neopolitans one day and slinging Pizza for hungry Vancouverites the next. It is amazing to watch him work and he seem to love every minute of his show. If you are an Italophile, you must visit Bibo.

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