ICCRC # : R421439 / CAPIC # : R07225

“I am an Immigrant!”

A simple statement.

A statement that applies to you and millions of others who leave the comfort of their home countries to explore the broader world around them.

What makes me different is Immigration has become my passion. Based on my different fields of studies in laws and business courses in the United States, I realized two things changed my life. One was immigration to Canada by doing my own Immigration work and two was the realization that combining my personal immigration experience with knowledge in immigration law me uniquely qualified me to help others.

Passions aren’t fostered easily. When I first began my interest in Immigration Law, it was to write a regular Immigration advice column in the Los Angeles edition of the newspapers and online communities. After listening to story after story of unfortunate Immigration issues with U.S. Immigration, I was certain that there must be a better way. Strictly by chance, while vacationing in Vancouver, I had an opportunity to experience the Immigration situation in Canada and “WOW!” what a totally different experience for the Immigrant. It was fair where the United States experience was capricious. It was straightforward where the United States process was confusing. And, most importantly, it was predictable. Whatever the rules were when you applied then those rules never changed.I had finally found the place where I could pursue my passion in a fair and even manner.

In 2003, I made the move to Canada as an immigrant and started my practice. I’ve been very fortunate. I live in a spectacularly beautiful and diverse city. A true city of the World! I have a successful practice with wonderfully happy, amazing clients. And, as if that weren’t enough, I’ve been allowed the privilege of passing my passion along to others through my position as Professor of Immigration Law at Ashton College.

I love what I do and I hope that someday I can share my enthusiasm with you.