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Vancouver Christmas Market

Vancouver Christmas Market: a holiday shopping, eating, and family experience modelled after the traditional German christmas markets in Europe.

Inside Vancouver: Gastown

Inside Vancouver Neighbourhoods: Gastown

Prof. Daniel Won’s Open Discussion

Living Standards growing at a faster pace in Canada than the US!

Canada’s living standards are improving faster compared to the United States, according to report that analyzes 15 years of economic data. The report, released Wednesday by Statistics Canada, evaluates labour productivity, real gross domestic product per capita and real gross national income per capita from the first quarter of 1997 to the first quarter of […]

Tacos Coreanos?

Había escuchado combinaciones extrañas de comida, pero nunca me hubiera imaginado que alguna vez la cocina mexicana y la coreana se pudieran combinar, no es una mezcla muy común y mucho menos si tomamos en cuenta que ni en Corea ni México saben que existe; los orígenes del “taco coreano” fueron en el sur de […]

MX in Vancouver

Me quedo otro rato o me regreso?  Después de quedarme sorprendido por la magnitud de las olimpiadas y haber disfrutado de mis primeros meses en Vancouver, llegó el momento de ir pensando en mi regreso, originalmente tenía pensado hacer mis prácticas profesionales de febrero a mayo y regresarme a la universidad en verano, durante días […]

A true sign that summer has arrived….lunch at the Food Truck!

Say it ain’t so……..

People in Vancouver are genuinely sad this morning

From the news reports, one might believe that Vancouver was full of Hooligans and poor sports.  It’s just not true.  Of course, it was sad to see our hockey team lose but honestly, we  lost to a better team.  It happens.  It’s a game.  We got over it. Unfortunately, a few individuals came to downtown […]

Mx In Vancouver

  Las olimpiadas de invierno… donde está la nieve? Y de donde salió tanta gente???  Despues de 2 semanas en Vancouver aun no sentía que me estaba adaptando, llovía casi todos los días y aun hacia mucho frio, algo así como 3 grados a medio día; llegue un sábado y el lunes ya estaba en […]

MX In Vancouver

Si me hubieran dicho hace un año y 5 meses que hoy iba a estar emocionadísimo por un juego de hockey probablemente hubiera pensado que era un sueño, como Mexicano estaba acostumbrado a el futbol, beisbol y futbol americano, nunca me imaginé que un juego en donde 10 jugadores en patines se pelean por un […]

Go Cannucks!

  For those of you in non “Hockey” venues, Vancouver is in the best of seven series against the fabled Boston Bruins. It is new against old, progressive against traditional, west against east. This is the World Series of Hockey. We are down to the two best teams and Vancouver is one of them. There […]

Early Morning View from Burrard Bridge

Took this Panorama on an early Morning walk to work crossing the Burrard Bridge. Spring is definitely here! The water is clam and as you can see, everything is green. The air smelled of fresh cut grass. Hard on my allergies but the clean air is a welcome relief after a long winter.

La Taqueria

4 Awesome Tacos

Yes…..Vancouver is about half as far from Mexico as it is from Asia.  You would think that given the shorter distance you might find more Mexican restaurants than Asian but not even close.  Vancouver is a veritable bee hive of Asian restaurants…chinese, japanese, korean, filipino….you name it and there are dozens upon dozens of Asian […]

Vancouver at Night

Check out this cool video shot at night in Vancouver… is entitled Ode to Vancouver and was used as the opening for a CBC broadcast that was on location for 3 days in Vancouver. It’s short but definitely has the feel of night time in downtown Vancouver. Please click on the You Tube link and […]

Great Vietnamese food at a place with a Cambodian Name, Phnom Pehn

If you live in Vancouver or if you are planning a visit and love Vietnamese food, you have to make a trip to Phnom Pehn. This restaurant, like many great food stops, has a very unassuming exterior as soon as you walk through the door you realize something is different here. For one thing, from […]

Guess who’s # 1?

The highly respect economic journal released it’s list of the 10 most livable cities in the world using these criteria: 1. Availability of basic community needs (building, water supply, electricity, etc.) 2. Availability of public facilities (parks, sidewalks, houses of worship, etc.) 3. Availability of facilities to support the economic sector, social, political, and cultural […]

A Vancouver tradition…

Even though Vancouver has a mild climate on those days when our sunshine is a bit more liquid. Vancouver-ites love their coffee drinks. Here Daniel and Hugh are enjoying their afternoon espresso at the Nespresso coffee bar across the street from our office.